Autograph is designed to help teachers and pupils visualise mathematics at secondary college level, using dynamically linked 'objects'.

Autograph is a dynamic PC program operating in 3 modes:
1D - Statistics & Probability.
2D - Graphing, coordinates, transformations and bivariate data.
3D - Graphing, coordinates and transformations.

Autograph 3.30 can run on 
Windows 2000 (SP3), XP, Vista, W7, and INTEL MAC
Requires 300Mb of disk space and at least Internet Explorer 5.
For 3D pages the graphics card and driver should support
Direct3D v9 or higher.

Educational and Pedagogical Value
This event is for transfer students who are thinking about applying to L-R, those who've already applied, or those who have been accepted.educational standards.
To local environments Bringing national educational

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