Eureka.in from Design-mate is a comprehensive, innovative and interactive 3D educational software solution for learning science subjects covering K12 curriculum. It ensures value addition to use of ICT in education.

  • A pool of quality 3D eContent covering the K12 curriculums. The eContent based library can be mapped to any country specific educational system and can be regionalised with native texts and professional voice overs.
  • The 3D eContent is learning centric, dynamic, interactive and user friendly which engages students and changes the traditional classroom environment way of learning.
  • eContent is a combination of texts, videos, simulations, quizzes, images, links on net, keywords, mindmaps & other interesting aspects covering every topic making it vast and self explanatory.

Educational and Pedagogical Value

Eureka.In 3D products have a lot of approved benifits like :

  • Increases educational effectiveness by introducing & explaining difficult topics in Science covering the K12 spectrum.
  • Equips teachers with high quality content, thus saves time in explaining difficult concepts & revising the syllabus.
  • Helps students in visualising complex topics resulting in better understanding, retention & improved grade patterns.
  • Adds 3 Dimensional value to a traditional classroom teaching & learning environment.

Working Environment

3D Stereoscopic Products 3D HD Products

We believe that students across the world would enjoy understanding complex topics of science in 3D stereoscopy version making learning fun & exciting just like watching movies. Our eContent is the only curriculum available in stereovision.The impact of stereo on a student’s memory is amazing and leaves a wow factor in teaching methodologies...

Eureka has a competitive edge in animation effects & technology integration. Its ability to render into HD/ stereo vision – will keep Eureka at least 2 to 3 years ahead of it's competition. In real terms, Eureka is the only single supplier software which meets the norms on the account of being the 3D animated multilingual software...

Eureka.In Products

MGD introduces Eureka in Arabic in 5 Products:

  1. Science for Intermediate in HD.
  2. Chemistry for Secondary in HD.
  3. Biology for Secondary in HD.
  4. Physics for Secondary in HD.
  5. 3D Stereoscopic in Stereoscopic.

Product Gallery

Product Download / Samples

Drug resistance
Certain mutant bacterial strain resist the antibiotic effect. Such an effect is called drug resistance.
Neuroglial Cells
The nervous system consists of neurons and neuroglial cells. Neuroglial cells are further classified into oligodendron, astrocyte and microglial cells.
Study the formation of a convex lens and a concave lens, and their properties.
Destructive distillation of coal
On heating coal in the absence of air, it undergoes decomposition to give various components such as coalgas, coaltar, water gas and coke.