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  • BETT best of the best award
  • Adopted in 70 Countries world wide
  • Accredited by Saudi MoE
  • Adpoted in more than 3000 Arabic Schools

Crocodile Virtual Labs is a computer application , characterized by flexibility, ease and splendor of use. It is suitable to carry out any experiment in Physics and Chemistry for different grades, especially Intermediate and Secondary education.

This software is a virtual lab, which simulate real laboratory where the user can carry out Physics experiments in electronics, motion, forces, optics and waves, as well as Chemistry experiments in various branches. Each lab is provided with a large number of readymade models, preset for physical and chemical experiments, diligently and professionally prepared and cover most branches of the two sciences. In addition, it helps the user to identify the immense possibilities of the laboratories.

The software is produced by Crocodile Clips, a global pioneer British company in the field of educational software, founded in 1994. These techniques are used in more than 70% of British schools and used in more than 60 countries around the world.

In cooperation with the Clips Crocodile, MGD assumed the localization, development and adaption of the English version of this software to suit the learning environment in the Arab societies. In addition, MGD is the exclusive agent for electronic simulation systems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states.

Educational and Pedagogical Value
A lot of researches were conducted on Crocodile Virtual Labs’ effects and its impact on enhancing the quality of education and the following are some of the approved benefits :
  • Develop the principle of self-learning and the learning by doing for the student. He can design and conduct whatever experiments he wants by himself. Thus, he move from negative reception to the positive participation and implementation.
  • Develop the students' creative thinking. He can design extracurricular experiments, and other experiments higher than the level of his grade.
  • Develop attitudes of research and reading for the student. A large number of ready-made experiments can be found, as well as various tools that assist in the implementation of any experiment he would like to test.
  • Prepare the student for the future and keep up with the labor market. Various facilities such as petrol stations, desalination plants, nuclear reactors, aircrafts, submarines, etc. are trained on and operated by e-simulation software. The electronic simulation systems are the best way to prepare students for that.
  • The best way to achieve educational goals. The teacher and student achieve the preset goals by analyzing the content of the curriculum studied by students at different levels: remembering, comprehension, implementation, analysis, structure and evaluation, especially the higher goals: analysis, structure and evaluation, which are difficult to be achieved with conventional methods.

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