MGD (LCC) is an Arabian company established in 2004 with its headquarters located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and branches located in Riyadh, Egypt, and Poland. MGD targets K-12 and higher education in the MENA region. Its 160 full-time employees specialize in creating fun, effective content for young learners.

MGD utilizes state-of-the-art business infrastructure such as SAP, ERP, and Google Enterprise Business Management tools to ensure quality work and organization. MGD functionalities include Sales, Marketing, a Content Development Unit (CDU), a Scientific Research Unit (SRU), a Development and Innovation Unit (DID), Instructional Design (ID), and Educational Advising.

MGD presents services ranging from integrated solutions to composing, developing, and transferring educational curricula and training content to professional interactive digital content while adopting the highest international standards. MGD achieves this through its international strategic partnership with houses of expertise and consultants from pioneering countries such as Finland, England, and Poland.

MGD is currently the exclusive distributor for Crocodile Clips in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and all Arab countries in Asia, and was selected as  Microsoft’s Best Education Partner in 2004.