feature_project Expert panel Dr. M. Ghazali Khayat

Dr. M. Ghazali Khayat

Academic Background mohamed_ghazal
•  Ph. D., Computer Science, Oregon State University, USA, 1981
•  Faculty member, KFUPM
•  Faculty member (Professor) , KAAU
•  Member of ACM, IEEE, SCS
•  Published more than 30 papers in refereed journals
•  Participated in numerous international and national professional conferences. 
•  Director of Computer Center, King Abdulaziz University
•  Editor in Chief for SCS Computer Journal, Saudi Computer Society
•  Eastern Province Executive Committee Chairman (elected), Saudi Computer Society
•  Member of the organizing committee of National Computer Conference
•  Elected member of Board of Directors, Saudi Computer Society
•  Editor of Computer Engineering, Arabic Journal for Science & Engineering, KFUPM
•  Member of National Committee for Applied Sciences
•  Manager of IT projects
•  Consultant for numerous private and public sector institutions