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Scientists Generation Project

MGD has finished the preparation of an integrated design of the Scientists Generation  Project, through which it seeks to employ learning techniques to develop science and mathematics skills for our students in order to create a generation of scientists through partnership projects with ministries and educational bodies.
This is a unique project in the Arab world.
Through the provision of the Scientists Generation Project, MGD seeks to develop educational experiences that adopt a different educational way that depends on the development of innovation and creativity of students in the intermediate and secondary schools in addition to self-learning skills, critical thinking, critical analysis and the conclusion abilities, all within the framework of the excitement based on the need to know.
MGD has been preparing for this project for years; it has chosen the best technology in the world through its continuous presence in the global conferences and events to ensure the selection of the best products that won international awards to be presented to the Arab market. Good choice was the critical factor to access to these advanced technologies, followed by the stage of localization of the product and bring it into line, which continued with the Saudi Ministry of Education for six months until MGD finally got a license for the product in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
MGD presented a distinct set of services related to electronic systems to facilitate the task of teachers; it prepared a wide range of ready-made experiences that assist the teacher to use them directly with step-by-step explanation.
Then, MGD developed a specialized training package, which was adopted by the Saudi Ministry of Education, and implemented with large and various groups of teachers more than 3000 teachers in different areas in the Kingdom. Thus, MGD created a strong base of specialized teachers trained to use and activate the product in the proper educational manner.
Not only MGD did that, but also it has implemented a variety of programs such as the competition of best educational experience involving the student, the teacher and, supervisor and the principal to ensure the usage and activation of the product in various regions of the Kingdom and make the actual benefit of the product. In addition, MGD has prepared a video experiences and posted them on video sharing websites, so as to be available to everyone and be a specialized qualitative database could be consulted permanently.
MGD was able to make the Electronic Simulation Systems a pilot project deserves to be called the Scientists Generation, where it develops the love of science and various learning skills of our students, always bearing in mind that the access and the provision of desire to use the systems is a goal always targeted in every place where we offer this project