About_MGD Feature Saudi MoE Break Through to Crocodile Virtual Labs Technology

Saudi MoE Break Through to Crocodile Virtual Labs Technology

The Ministry of Education (MoE) has begun training for more than (150) supervisors on electronic virtual laboratories, which was launched as a project that simulates the real laboratory environment to enable the teacher of the implementation of physical and chemical experiments. They were provided with a large number of ready-made models that had been prepared skillfully and professionally to cover most of the branches of these sciences, making it easier for the user to identify the enormous potentials of these laboratories. The MoE General Manager of School Supplies, Dr. Ahmed bin Abdul-Aziz al-Dandani, explained that e-learning is one of the modern methods of education and training; it save time, effort and cost in addition to its role in improving the general level of academic achievement, by helping the teacher and the student in the provision of an interactive attractive learning environment. He added that the Ministry of Education is keen to integrate technology with education, which would contribute to raising the quality of the education process outputs, and utilize qualified teachers who are able to invest these technologies to ensure the education the youth of our nation. He also, indicated that this workshop will be implemented centrally for supervisors. Then, it will be followed by training workshops for three days in all departments of Education, implemented by specialists at the site of installation of these virtual labs.