Teachers are happy with Virtual Labs

Crocodile Virtual Lab is a great software. It helps both the teacher and the student to innovate and deal with the experiments in an easy, flexible, creative, clear, time saving and effort saving manner. It adds fun and beauty to the experiment and the subjects in general (Amal bint Ali Ibrahim Badawi – Chemistry, Tabuk)

Crocodile Virtual Lab is an excellent software. It increases the students' information and motivates them to read more about the subjects, raise them to the highest levels of understanding and helps them to think logically (Munir Hael al Anzi – Physics, Tabuk)

Chemistry Virtual Lab is good and appropriate. It serves the educational process and saves a lot of time, effort and materials. It also prevent risks. The experiment can be conducted more than once to gain more understanding, and explain the scientific concept to the receiver "the student" (Khalid Mohammed Mubarak Al Fadl, Laboratory preparer, Najran)

Crocodile Virtual Lab is an excellent software. It meets many needs of the Chemistry teacher. (Mohammed Salem Al Mansour , Chemistry, Najran)

Crocodile Virtual Lab is a very suitable and effective software, especially in the absence of instruments and equipment, and the lack of practical time, in addition to and the seriousness of some experiments. Therefore, the Virtual Laboratory is considered a very appropriate substitute to conduct practical experiments (Muhammad Ali Asiri, Chemistry, Mahayil Asir)

Generally, I think that Crocodile Virtual software is excellent, distinct, effective and serve the educational process. It contributes to advancement of the educational process in the near term and long term, God willing, and the advancement and development of the students level, which reflects positively on the development and our beloved home (Isa Ali Isa Faqih, Physics / Sabyia)