Product Features

  1. Crocodile electronic simulation systems enable the user to fully control the reaction or experiment conditions such as: mass, concentrations and amounts of reactants and the reaction temperature "Chemistry experiments," as well as the control of speed, mass, energy and other values "Physics experiments".
  2. Crocodile electronic simulation systems enable the user to understand the course of the experiment and analyze its results, by following up the chart for a huge number of variables, such as speed, mass, energy, strength, Power, Power of Hydrogen "PH", solubility, etc..
  3. The ability to control the values that are difficult to handle and use in real laboratories, such as battery voltage "can be controlled from very small values, nano or pico volts, to large values, Kilo or Mega Volt (Physics experiments)," as well as the very large and very small concentration values (Chemistry experiments).
  4. Crocodile electronic simulation systems enable the user to see the shape and size of the reaction vessel contents "atoms, molecules or ions" and compare their sizes and numbers with each other, and see how they collide and interact, which is difficult to see with the naked eye, in the atoms browser window "Chemistry experiments".
  5. The ability to pause the experiment, which enables the user to prepare and process all components of the experiment, and wait for the experiment start signal. In addition, the user can stop the experiment at any moment to compare and analyze the results.
  6. The ability to save experiments in folders, categorize them by topics and create a private experiments folder for each user "private library" to a pre-conducted experiments "models" folder, to refer to whenever he wants. This enables the user to review several subjects and scientific experiments in a short time. In addition, he can restore an experiment have been prepared before at any time without the need to rebuild it again.
  7. Mobile labs where the user wants. Wherever the user take his laptop, he can conduct any experiment he wants at any time and anywhere, even in travel and entertainment venues.