Cost Saving

  1. Crocodile electronic simulation systems enable the user to conduct expensive experiments at lowest variable cost. Some experiments need very expensive devices, such as the production of X-ray, lasers, gamma rays and other Physics experiments, as well as the testing of rare or expensive chemicals such as Platinum, gold, silver nitrate and others, easily and without any economic cost.
  2. Crocodile electronic simulation systems save maintenance and storage costs for the equipment and tools. The use of devices require constant maintenance and good storage, otherwise, multiple problems occur.
  3. Crocodile electronic simulation systems save time and effort in the preparation and implementation of experiments. The preparation, processing and implementation of experiment in the real lab need long time and great effort. It is shorten the time to prepare, process and implement experiments from long hours to a few seconds.
  4. Crocodile electronic simulation systems save the cost of consumed raw materials. Tests are conducted several times per user, and there are many users. This lead to mass consumption of raw materials. The Virtual Lab allow the implementation of the experiment several times and for multiple users without any variable cost.