Physics Lab

Among the interesting variety of features in the Crocodile Clips, Physics' Lab, is the availability of horizontal and diagonal perceptions as well as objects and balls of different degrees of flexibility, which enable the user to carry out and conclude experiments in the field of friction and collision, speed,acceleration and change the kinetic energy and potentials. Clearly, all such experiments are difficult and diversified since they involve actual control of values of surfaces' friction and gravity.

Crocodile Clips, Physics' Lab isunique for including a dark medium for light relevant experiences, as well asall elements for optic equipment. Thus; the mirror, lenses, microscopes and other optical instruments based experiments are made handy and enjoyable experiences. All conventional time and costs consuming preparations which necessitated special preparations such as complete dimness and ultradimensional elements are no longer taken into account.

The strong presence of most of the electronic circuits elements which brings the user face to face with a large number of test circuits for resistance, batteries, capacitors, generators, motors,switches and gauges as well as a number of different other equipments with outstanding efficiency.

Crocodile Clips, Physics Labs, continued to avail the maximum possible features, among which they present sources to produce the types of waves with different frequencies, that introduces the user to a large number of experiments related to the sound, the reflection and absorption of mechanical and electromagnetic waves.

Last but not least, Crocodile Physics is distinguished by the existence of different movement and force mediums, they enable the user to carry out a large number of relevant experiments among air, water, honey, mercury and any other medium that is imposed by the user, just to the contrary of the conventional physics labs.