Chemistry Lab

  • It is a computer software that simulate real laboratory, by which the user can conduct experiment of (Physical, Inorganic Chemistry and electroChemistry) easily, safely and accurately.
  • The user can see the atomic structures of the interactions that cannot be seen by the naked eye, in dimensional and three-dimensional images by using the atoms browser.
  • The user can control and follow-up what is happening in the interaction in terms of seeing a balanced chemical equation in several ways (verbal, symbolic and ionic), and different circumstances associated with the interaction, such as temperature, pressure, acidity and many others, using "interaction details window).
  • Allows the user a wide range of control on the conducted interactive experiment, such as control on speed, pause at any moment, zoom in or out, step or steps backward or forward, display the experiment on one scene or several scenes, full-screen display,… and so many ways to control).
  • It is characterized by containing distinctive and diverse display that enable the user to conduct his experiment in an accurate scientific manner, and assisted him in the extraction of results in digital and optical way that is difficult to obtain in real vitro, "such as a graph, text, instructions, image, animation, value box, check box, drop-down menu, edit box, pause, reload and tools box."


  • Chemistry laboratory include hundreds of different chemicals, such as metals, acids, alkalis, oxides, halides, sulfides, carbonates, nitrates, sulfates, diverse salts and gases, in multiple state, such as solid state, solution state and gaseous state, covering most of the Chemistry branches, classified and indexed in an easily and quickly accessible way.
  • Colors, characteristics and situation of chemicals, completely simulate the way its presence in the nature and real vitro.
  • Bottles of liquid chemicals: Can be controlled in terms of the volume of material, size expression unit and concentration.
  • Bottles of solid chemicals: Can be controlled in terms of material mass, mass expression unit and type of its powder( fine, medium or coarse).
  • Gas cylinders: Can be controlled in terms of gas flow velocity. The Virtual Lab also include: Glassware:
General equipment:
ElectroChemistry equipment:
Metrology and sensors:
Safety signs: