Why Work at MGD?

MGD is a profitable, growing and unique friendly managed Arabian company with over (200) full time dedicated members of staff, who are scattered over its Headquarters in Jeddah (KSA) and three other branches in Riyadh (KSA), Cairo, (Egypt) and Warsaw,(Poland).
MGD spares no effort to innovate unique and attractive contents to suite the targeted age segments. This insures maximum interest in the presented material in order to assist learners in acquiring new skills and building their personalities and developing life that are compatible with the Arabian environment and unique culture. We create innovative and timely products to facilitate learning and intellectual growth.
Based on the fact that MGD's senior management and BOD believe its members of staff to be the corner stone in its success story; Therefore; MGD puts a great emphasis on developing its team and build their strong loyalty by providing them with the best possible work conditions along with a diversified specializations which are covered by national and international expertise and partnerships.
Working in a modern field ensures the possibility of rapid growth and career enhancements through the dedicated considerable annual training budget as well as the urging need to promote the qualified and successful calibers in order to reach the vertical growth of the team.
Working at MGD is simply more than just a job, it is taking part in paving the road for a better Arabian future and playing a role in restoring the civilization and culture that was once presented by our ancestors which we proudly refer to in the past tense in all occasions, in MGD we believe there is a great chance to put that in the present tense.

What's MGD?

Our vision is to go beyond a simple educational company and content provider to become the #1 trusted and inspirational brand for education services, training and E-learning in the M. East and North Africa.
Since established back in 2004, MGD aimed at providing services and products that are related to the interactive digital content which addresses the educational activities from a recreational perspective. MGD presents a range of services that varies from integrated solutions and services to compose, develop and process educational curricula and training contents and transfer them into professionally digital content by adopting the highest recognized international standards.
Since 2004; MGD was accredited number of acknowledgement documents from most of the entities that were engaged in business and professional relationship with, that included but not limited to:
Microsoft Best Education Partner. (in less than a year from its commencement of activities) Saudi MOE's Product qualification and classification certificate. Certificates and letters of acknowledgements by various education departments, schools, colleges and academies.

Open Positions

Please check our open positions below. If you don’t see a position that interests you,click here to let us know how you can make a difference at MGD. We are an equal opportunity employer.

  1. Senior Flash Developer "Action Script"
  2. Senior Software Quality Control Engineer
  3. Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer
  4. Senior Painter "Free Hand"
  5. Project Management Office Administrator (PMO Admin)
  6. مراجع لغوي

1-Department: Content

Job Title: Senior Flash Developer "Action Script"


1-Build interactive and dynamic flash-based applications.

2-Development/maintenance of existing Learning Management System.

3-Work with the team to conceptualize, develop and build Flash applications that meet company needs and overall project goals.

4-High-level of Action Script skills to build multimedia elements, flash application.

5-Represent the AS team in matters relating to E-learning development.

6-Liaise with staff on product development as required.

7-Write scripts, design documents and develop prototypes.

8-The supervision and instruction of junior development staff as required.

9-Design and Implement functional prototypes.

10-Collaborative role in developing concepts and treatments of design.

11-Create reusable Flash components to rapidly provide required functionality.

12-Design and Implement functional prototypes.

13-Maintain and Develop existing e-learning applications.

14-Appreciation of instructional design methods and theories


1-Strong communication and collaboration skills.

2-Experience with PHP and/or .NET and their integration with Flash Development is a plus.

3-Possesses both creative skill as well as excellent development/coding ability.

4-Knowledge of SCORM and AICC standards.

5-Development experience, high technical aptitude, a positive and team player attitude, and be excited and ready to be challenged technically and grow overall technical skills. 

6-Highly organized and maintain a professional demeanor at all times. 

7-Excellent knowledge of JavaScript, Flash, ActionScript, XHTML, HTML, XML. 

8-Proficient programmer using Actionscript 3.0,2.0 , Flash CS3/CS4/CS5. 

9-Working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. 

10-Expected to manage workload and deadlines effectively. 

11-Co-ordinate with team members/directors for the production of quotations and time scales. 

12-Implements and maintains Flash and JavaScript and/or Action Script-based components and applications in a team environment.

 Gender: any

 Experience: 3-5 years

 Job Contact Person: Ahmed Senosy

Job contact E-mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

2-Department: Content

Job Title: Senior Software Quality Control Engineer


1- Contribute to raising the efficiency and quality of educational product by detect errors before they occur through a review of the planning of production and thus reduce their costs of re-production. 

2- receive the product from Subversion. 

3- Receive report product standards required from Subversion. 

4- Product Review for compliance with the standards and specifications adopted. 

5- Review of the product to ensure its compliance with the specifications and requirements of the client-based. Conduct audits of various types (System test, regression, integration, performance, ... etc.). 

6- Reporting problems in the product and follow-up resolution. 

7- Preparation and analysis of test reports based on indicators of rates of problems in the reports of the follow-up. 

8- The preparation of delivery of the customer data. 

9- Follow-up customer problems and reports sent from the client. 

10- Follow-up requirements of the client. 

11- Review the analysis and design plans to ensure compliance with the specifications and standards and to ensure application of the product. 

12- Review the stages of production to ensure the application of operations


1-Soft skills (communication, negotiation, reporting). 

2- Knowledge of quality standards for software. 

3- Aware of the standards of quality and types of control in the field of quality. 

4- graduation from computers and information or Computer Engineering Department. 

5- Personal professional advantage to dealing with others, accuracy and power of observation. 

6- Possibility of working in more than one project under the pressure of work.

 Education Major: Computer Engineering , computer and information

 Gender: any

 Experience: 3-5 years

 Job Contact Person: Ahmed Senosy

Job contact E-mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

3- Department: Content

Job Title: Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer


1. Scheduling, launching and control of performance/compliance of all Quality Assurance activities 

2. Control and planning of the project-specific software quality activities including acceptance tests of ground and flight software and support to development activities 

3. Advice and support to the project management and specific departments 

4. Ensure the procurement at suppliers and subcontractors 

5. Process non-conformance 

6. Support to process improvement of the software department and other interfacing areas 

7. Will create, write and execute test plans for manual and/or automated tests 

8. To work on a variety of software applications developed in MS SQL Server, MS C#.Net, VB.NETASP.NET environments 

9. As a Software QA/Software Tester, responsible for full test lifecycle, including writing test documentation, estimation reports, test plans, scripts, conditions and progress and completion reports 

10. Create and validate test data for functional components of software applications 

11. Identify defects / bugs and communicate with the developers


1- Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering or Computer Science or related field 

2- Experience with Software Quality Assurance 

3- Full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) experience 

4- Excellent communication skills and a team player

 Education Major: Computer Engineering , computers and information

 Gender: any

 Experience: 3-5 years

 Job Contact Person: Ahmed Senosy

Job contact E-mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

4- Department: Content

Job Title: Senior Painter "Free Hand"


1- Use Wacom (digital drawing board) 

2- Use Flash and Photoshop software 

3- Drawing and motion sense in animation 

4- Speed in the production and composition of the entire cadre (a cadre contains at least three characters and a background within four hours) 

5- draw and paint using Wacom


1- Education : Fine Arts 

2- Able to work under pressure and follow-up with his team leader 

3- sometimes circumstances necessitate follow-up after the official working hours 

4- Accept the nature of educational projects, which requires amendment or change sometimes

 Education Major: Fine Arts

 Gender: any

 Experience: 3-5 years

 Job Contact Person: Ahmed Senosy

Job contact E-mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

5-Department: Content

Job Title: Project Management Office Administrator (PMO Admin)


1- Preparing Objective Tracking Reports for all team members 

2- Preparing Utilization, Overtime, Compliance, etc… Reports for all team members 

3- Responsible for projects invoicing initiation requests to Finance team in coordination with the projects mangers and ensuring that the invoices are sent on time. Also, responsible for following up with the collection team to ensure that the collections are done on time and any risks/ issues are reported at once to the Project managers for resolution 

3- Responsible for updating the Cost management section for each project schedule with the actual values. 

4- Responsible for updating the Cost management section for each project schedule on EPM with the actual values received from the travel department and the technical team members. 

5- Responsible for conducting Monthly audits on project managers for the invoicing Status updates 

6- Responsible for conducting audits on weekly bases on project managers, project associates, team leaders, and team members to ensure that the achievement records are submitted and are approved/ rejected. 

7- Building and maintaining an archive for all projects related documentations (hard copies). 

8- Developing any required Automated/Customized reports for CDBU, or Strategic Management (Delivery / Project management team utilization, Projects percentage of completion, Earned Value, Projects cost, estimated vs. Actual Profitability). 


 1- Excellent command of English Language (Multi Language Preferable) 

2- Written and verbal communication skills. 

3- Formal (reports, briefings, etc.) and informal (memos, ad hoc conversations, etc.). 

4- Vertical (up and down the organization) and horizontal (with peers). 

5- Excellent working knowledge of MS Office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Visio). 

6- Familiar with MS Project Professional and how to create/ update simple tasks and resource assignments. •Project Management Framework 

7- Resource / Demand management experience preferred 

8- Communication & Reporting skills 

9- Preferably with- E Learning administration background

 Education Major: Business Administration

 Gender: any

 Experience: 1-2 years

 Job Contact Person: Ahmed Senosy

Job contact E-mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

6- مراجع لغوي

 المهام الأساسية:

1-  تسلم الملفات من المصمم التعليمي أو مدير المشروعات.

2-   تصحيح الملف تصحيحا كاملاً لغوياً و نحوياً و صرفياً و أسلوبياً.

3-    تشكيل الجزء المطلوب تسجيله صوتياً تشكيلاً حرفياً.

4-   إرسال الملفات بعد الانتهاء منها مرة أخرى للمصمم التعليمي أو مدير المشروعات أو ادارة الجودة حسب المطلوب.

5-   مراجعة الأصوات المسجلة من جيث الأخطاء الموجودة في النطق.

6-   مطابقة الأصوات المسجلة بالملفات المصححة من قبل.

 الصفات الشخصية و الفنية المطلوب توفرها في شاغل الوظيفة:

1-  متقن للقواعد النحوية والصرفية.

2-  متقن لقواعد الإملاء والترقيم، وعلى دراية بالأخطاء الشائعة.

3-  لديه خبرة لا تقل عن عام في مجال التصحيح اللغوي. 

4- ذو معرفة بأحكام تجويد القرآن الكريم.

5- يجيد التعامل مع الحاسب الآلي عمومًا، وبرامج الأوفيس (Word - Excel) خصوصًا.

6- القدرة على تصحيح الأصوات المسجلة عن طريق السماع.

7- مهارات اتصال وتعاون قوية.

8- القدرة على ادارة ضغوط العمل بصورة فعاله.

9-  درجة عالية من التنظيم والمحافظة على السلوك المهني في جميع الأوقات.

10- القدرة على العمل في أكثر من مشروع وفقا لخطة الوقت لكل مشروع ووفقاً لبيئة العمل المتسارعة.

أرسل السيرة الذاتية إلى :   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   مع كتابة إسم الوظيفة فى العنوان .