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  • MGD has more than 150 specialists in E-content development services.
  • Three years of experience in E-content development projects.
  • MGD has delivered 5 successful e-content projects.

Engage, Facilitate, Enrich

About Establishing E-Content Development Services
Digital content development services Engage, Facilitate, Enrich Students in the 21st century face unprecedented new challenges and duties. Therefore, they have to be proficient in various skills and strategies that were not important to success for their ancestors. As it develops the digital content, MGD does not focus only on the knowledge, but also on the skills and deep learning. MGD works to convert the printed content into digital content according to specific learning strategies based on raising student motivation, facilitating the teacher's tasks and enriching the educational process.
Engage Students
Using the appropriate digital content for the characteristics of the age group, MGD raises the students' desire in education and motivate them by taking care of: ? The development of students' ability to imagination, innovation and creativity. ? The development of emotional, behavioral and cognitive aspects of the students. ? Develop the ability to inference, deduction, reasoning, structure and analysis. ? Develop the ability to solve problems creatively. ? Develop self-direction and individual responsibility of the student through self-assessment. ? Train students on organized teamwork.
Facilitate Teachers' Mission
MGD does not target the development of the student only, but also it take special care of the teacher and his objectives with his students as a strong link in the educational process. Assist the teacher to perform his jobas a facilitator of the learning process and help him accomplish his tasks in less time and more efficiently so that the teacher can focus on his guiding role in the learning process. Digital content provided by MGD for the teacher help him to:
  • Identify the student characteristics in the targeted age group.
  • Measure the student progress.
  • Explain lessons in an interesting and attractive way.
  • Achieve particular goal with his students throughout the lesson.
  • Raise the general cognitive level of the teacher to be able to explain the lesson.
  • Provide him with activities to implement them in the classroom with students to achieve the maximum benefit.
Enrich Educational Process
The effectiveness of the digital content development project is achieved through the return on the outcomes of the educational process. In order to increase the learning effectiveness, the learning experiences must beintegrated with the student needs, so as to give them a chance to find the tools used in the subjects, in many situations outside of school, all through the use of many different styles of educational multimedia: sound, images , animation, texts, video and enriching objects which enriches the educational process and the experiences of the student. That increases the effectiveness of student learning and affect the extent of their achievement, so that these media fit the various educational patterns.