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The Establishment of Content Centers

MGD - The Best Partner for Digital Content Development

Why customers choose MGD?

Appropriate Capabilities for all Needs

1 - A Professional and Specialized Team

MGD has built a competence system for the digital content development skills, which ensures the accurate selection of the appropriate human resources according to the nature of the project. The most important characteristic of human resources in MGD is respecting specialization by having an academic background and technical expertise to ensure the best quality level in all specializations.

2 - A Work Cycle for the Team Work and the Project Management System

MGD adopts the ADDIE System in the educational content development because it achieves efficiency through the study of learners and their characteristics and needs, and developing the appropriate programs. In addition, the project development is done in accordance with CMMI standards. MGD also adopts the developed project management approach of the Project Management Institute PMI. MGD has developed its own work cycle compatible with the above standard and was applied with more than one client successfully.

3 - Provision of Global Production Tools Needed for the Project

MGD has its own authoring and publishing system "MGD Authoring and Publishing System". It was developed by MGD according to the needs of the Arab Region in terms of the use of Arabic language, friendly user interface and the possibility of modifications in accordance with the needs of each university in addition to its compatibility with international standards SCORM 2004.

The digital content produced by MGD is compatible with the international publishing and authoring tools used in the market.

4 - Technical and Educational Standards

MGD ensures the high quality of the educational, technical and technological content through a wide range of standards for each curriculum or for each element within the curriculum (text - photos - audio - video - flash - interactive flash – mind maps - educational activities - tests, etc. ....). These standards could be customized in accordance with the nature of learners, in addition to the educational standards on the application and the sequence of learning objectives, and teaching strategies used in educational content, and methods of content application within the university.